Executives Suspended

Oh my! The Federal University Oye-Ekiti Students Representatives Council has suspended the Students’ Union President, Awodola Oluwaseun Samuel aka Unique; Lasisi Ojo Samuel, the Assistant General Secretary; Ayeni Damilola, the Welfare Director and  Olugbede Promise, Social Director.

This is contained in the memo signed by the Students Representative Council Speaker, Rt. Hon. Anifowose Temitope and other 3 officers.

According to the release, they were suspended through a resolution reached by a 2/3rd majority of the members voting held on 17th, May 2019 with 46 honourable members in attendance.

Why Suspend?

According to the memo of the SRC, they were suspended on the basis of contravening the FUOYESU constitution for extra budgetary spending and misappropriation of the union’s fund as against Article XXVIII Section( C) subsection (vii) and unconstitutional retention of the Union’s funds and gross misconduct as against Article V Section 5, subsection (iv) of the FUOYESU constitution on the One Million, Eight Hundred and Eight Thousand Naira (N1,808,000) approved for the Fresher’s night and income from the event.

The affected executives “are kindly advised to submit all the properties of the union in their possession including their identity cards to the students affairs and desist from parading themselves as members of the executive committee with immediate effect until the council sits to review her decision as stated in Article VIII Section (iii) of the FUOYESU constitution”, the memo reads.

What Now?

Furthermore, it reads that the Vice President will act as the President as stated in the constitution, “the General Secretary should take the sole responsibility of the secretariat while the committee of welfare and social should act in stead of the social and welfare secretaries respectively”

When the SRC Clerk, Hon. Babatunde Sunday was contacted he alleged that the President and the affected executives have committed a lot of impeachable offences varying from extra budgetary spending, misappropriation of funds and gross misconduct all in relation to the spending of 1.8million on Fresher’s night.

“The executive in their own way have violated the constitution when it comes to finance. In the aspect of disbursement of money”

“Constitutionally it’s not in the position of the President to disburse money, it is the duty of the treasury so that there is going to be a correlation between the treasury and financial secretary. Now that the money is coming from the President I don’t think there will be a tally”

“They are other impeachable offences the house hasn’t touched. All our investigation is restricted to the 1.8million for now”.

Speaking on the suspension, the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Anifowose Temitope said “the suspension of the executives was not my suspension. I am just the speaker, I don’t have the right to vote”.

He added that there were 46 members in the house and only 5 voted against the suspension. He said that the suspended executives have been withholding some sensitive documents that could aid the investigation and that was why someone from the house raised a motion for their suspension so that the documents could be released, and the motion was seconded.
He added that “if the investigation is concluded some of them might be impeached”.

The SUG President’s Reaction

In a conversation with the UCJ FUOYE, the Student Union President, Awodola Oluwaseun Samuel aka Unique described the suspension as a rumour because he is yet to be served a letter in effect to this development.

“Actually am not informed in any form of suspension and for now it is still a rumour. I don’t know about any suspension because I don’t have any memo pertaining to that effect”.

Awodola Oluwaseun Samuel

Way Forward

The Student Union Executive Council has however summoned a congress for May 20th, 2019 following, allegedly, “a receipt of over 250 signatories as subjected to the unions constitution Article XIII”.

The memo to serve as the notification of the congress was signed by the suspended President and AGS.

However when one of the Spokespersons for the SRC, Hon. Oladotun Bankole was contacted, he nullified the validity of the congress because due process wasn’t followed.

“About the congress, of course, being the chairman of the congress, the president can always summon a congress but not without the approval of the house, it’s stated in the constitution in Article XIII, Page 108 of the student handbook constitution titled general meeting of the union”, he said.

“Article 8b says congress shall be summoned by the chairman on the approval of the council”.

“The other part to it is that the General Secretary can summon a meeting on the directive of the President. According to this place the President would have gotten approval from the house.”

When asked about the allegation by the President that he didn’t receive the letter, he blamed it to the late preparation of the letter on Friday evening and promised the letter will get to the appropriate quarters that has been copied on Monday effectively.

This content was originally written by Samuel Ajala of UCJ Fuoye.

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